Naar het begin van de bladzijde


This page is intended to provide information about things which you may not be aware of and which may differ from where you come from.
The law in France also changes (just as it does everywhere), so that the following may include rulings that have been scrapped or not passed.



High-visibility jacket>


In most European holiday destinations it is compulsory to wear a reflective, high-visibility jacket if you break down during your journey. In some countries this applies to all passengers. It is advisable therefore to take several jackets along with you in the car.
France: compulsory to have one in the car; in the event of breakdown only the driver is obliged to wear one.



Fire extinguisher


In Belgium, Poland, Turkey and Greece it is compulsory to have a fire extinguisher in the car.  






Warning triangle


A warning triangle is compulsory in practically all European countries.
If you break down or have an accident, you must switch on the car's warning lights and set up a warning triangle, unless this puts you in mortal danger.
The warning triangle must be placed approx. 30 m behind the vehicle.
On the motorway you do not have to use a warning triangle as it is too dangerous.
All occupants must get out of the car as quickly as possible on the side furthest away from the road and wait for help behind the crash barrier.




Towing services are the only ones allowed to tow other cars on the motorways in France.
Towing is allowed on other roads.




First-aid kit


A first-aid kit is compulsory in a number of European countries. Officially these rules often do not apply to foreign motorists, but not all policemen are aware of this.




Breathalyser test


Mandatory in France as of July 1, 2012.
It is compulsory to have 2 breathalysers in the vehicle (also applies to motor cyclists).
Must be NF-certified (Norme Fran├žaise).



Motorcycle clothing


All motor cyclists in France must have a reflective patch measuring at least 150 square centimetres on their jackets as well as four reflective stickers on their helmet (stickers on helmet not obligatory for tourists).






In France, people who wear glasses or contact lenses are obliged to have a spare pair of glasses in the car.







In France, it is from March 22, 2017, mandatory for children under twelve years, to wear a helmet on a bicycle.





Navigation with speed camera reports


In France, the speed camera reporting function must be switched off! This applies not only to portable and integrated navigation systems, but also to navigation software on mobile phones and tablets.




Radar detection


Using and owning radar detection devices is forbidden in all European countries.





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